Jennifer MacNeil


I love to cook. I always have.  I got my love of cooking from my grandmother.  From the time I was very little I loved being with her in the kitchen, watching her cook and learning as much as I could from her throughout the years.

I’m also very interested in nutrition and health (I was a hospital nutrition services director for over a decade). I love researching and reading books and articles on healthy cooking.

Several years ago, my family and I chose to go gluten free to help resolve health issues.  (My son had severe acne and my daughter and I were plagued with digestive issues.) Since then, I have taken my love of cooking and developing recipes and have wholeheartedly embraced our gluten and (mostly) grain free lifestyle.

My recipes are gluten free, most are grain free, some are vegan, and all start with a base of whole food, healthy ingredients.  I try to use organic ingredients (whenever possible), and healthy fats.  For baking, I use all natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, maple syrup and some organic sugar in place of refined white sugar.

I believe that you can make your favorite comfort foods healthy and delicious.  I hope you enjoy these recipes that have changed our way of eating for the better.  Comfort foods with a healthy twist!